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This auction is closed. 12 Apr at 16:00 Miles
Current bid Last bid 30001
Auction start time Start: 12 Apr 15:00h
Current bid Last bid 30001
Inicial bid Base: 1 Miles

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Start: 12/04/2019 15:00

Initial bid: 1 Miles

Bid interval: 5 000 Miles

Scheduled end time: 12/04/2019 16:00

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About this auction

TAP has new routes for you to create endless stories with your travels!

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Irish capital.

We’ll take you to Dublin - we have a double ticket to offer you.

Get your miles ready? Let's bid!


Terms and Conditions

  • Valid for two people;
  • Airport taxes not included;
  • Flight dates: outward flight — 9 May 2019 (Flight TP1322) / return flight — 13 May 2019 (Flight TP1327);
  • Valid for flights in Economy Class;
  • Valid for the booked dates and flights;
  • Valid only for return journeys;
  • Changes: Once the ticket has been issued, no alterations are permitted;
  • Once the ticket has been issued, the miles are not returned;
  • Valid only for departures from Lisbon;
  • No refunds allowed;
  • Ticket validity: only for the booked dates and flights;
  • Extension of ticket validity not allowed;
  • The cost of getting to and from the airports and any expenses with stays or any other expenses at the destination are not included;
  • The winner can assign the flights to another person as long as they do so in writing. The winner will be able to give the flights to another person only during the time he or she is contacted for the first time and before the ticket has been issued;
  • The winners are contacted after the end of the auction to book their flights. The flights must be booked by 15 April 2019. If the winner does not book the flights, TAP Miles&Go will award the flights to the next winner and the first one will lose the rights to the flights.