How it works

How does Miles&Go Bid works? It's simple.

Four steps to bidding and making the most of your miles!

Register to bid

To bid you must be a member of the TAP Miles&Go Programme and registered on the Miles&Go Bid platform. You can take part once you login.

At the start of the auction

Be alert! There are regular special offers. Each auction will have a minimum starting bid.

Bid with miles

The currency is miles. You can take part as often as you like as long as you have enough miles in your account. Auctions will progress by predefined amounts. Don’t worry: miles will only be taken from your account if you win the auction.

The auction winner is...

the participant that in the course of the auction do the last bidding, corresponding to the maximum value of miles defined for each auction, when there is a bidding limit. If no one reaches the maximum bid of miles, when the time runs out, wins the highest bid.

Consider that in the last 2 minutes, each bid in this timeframe, resets the clock to 2 minutes, for last bids. If there is no more bids and time runs out, the auction ends.

Happy bidding!


What is the TAP Miles&Go Programme? How can I join?

TAP Miles&Go Programme allows you to earn miles whenever you fly
or purchase everyday services and products. Find out more about the TAP Miles&Go Programme and how to join

What are miles?

Miles are TAP Miles&Go’s currency. They can be used in Miles&Go, to purchase flights or for discounts on travel, products and services from more than 150 partners. See what you can do with miles.



What if I don’t have enough miles to make a bid?

You can earn miles in a number of ways: by flying, when making everyday purchases from our partners or you can buy more miles. Earn more miles in order to bid or find out how to increase your balance.



How will I know if I’ve won an auction?

If you have bid the predefined maximum number of miles for each auction or if you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, then you are the winner. We will use their TAP Miles&Go Account details to contact the winner within 48 hours of the auction ending.

Can I exchange the prize should I win?

Prizes won in an auction cannot be exchanged for any other service or product and nor can they be exchanged for money awards. In the event that you do not use the offer you will be prevented from bidding in the 2 following auctions.

I won an auction. Can I take part in the next one?

Yes. You can win more than one auction per day, without any constraints on participation in the upcoming auctions.

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