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This auction is closed. 10 Jul at 18:01 Miles
Current bid Last bid 24001
Auction start time Start: 10 Jul 17:00h
Current bid Last bid 24001
Inicial bid Base: 1 Miles

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Miles total Last bid 24 001 Miles
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Number of bids: 13 See last bids (Abre uma modal)

Start: 10/07/2019 17:00

Initial bid: 1 Miles

Bid interval: 2 000 Miles

Scheduled end time: 10/07/2019 18:00

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About this auction

The great music festival is coming and you can be shaking it up there!

Just bid for the chance to win a ticket for 2 to NOS Alive 2019 on July 13.

Are your miles ready? Good luck!

Terms and conditions

  • Show your personal identification to pick up the ticket at Lisbon Airport’s Premium Customer Centre;
  • Auction at 1 pm (13h) for 11 July ticket for 2;
  • Auction at 3 pm (15h) for 12 July ticket for 2;
  • Auction at 5 pm (17h) for 13 July ticket for 2;
  • Dates cannot be changed on tickets won at each auction.