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This auction is closed. 31 Jul at 12:02 Miles
Current bid Last bid 42001
Auction start time Start: 31 Jul 11:00h
Current bid Last bid 42001
Inicial bid Base: 1 Miles

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Start: 31/07/2019 11:00

Initial bid: 1 Miles

Bid interval: 1 000 Miles

Scheduled end time: 31/07/2019 12:00

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About this auction

In this auction we will take you to Naples. Do not miss the opportunity to know this Italian pearl near the sea.

Bid at 11am and 3pm to win a double round trip to Naples!

In Naples, diversity and modernity live harmoniously with the antiquity and unique Italian culture. Fall in love with Neapolitan cuisine, streets, neighborhoods and works of art. Enjoy and be enchant by the Amalfi Coast, world renowned for its delicate beauty and endless sea.

Miles prepared? Good luck!

Terms and conditions

  • Valid for two people;
  • Airport taxes not included;
  • Travel dates to be performed between October and December 2019 subject to seat availability on Lisbon-Naples / Naples-Lisbon flights;
  • Valid for flights in Economy Class;
  • Valid for the booked dates and flights;
  • Valid for round-trip travel only;
  • Subject to seat availability;
  • No changes to the booking allowed after the ticket is issued;
  • Once the ticket has been issued, the miles cannot be refunded;
  • Valid only for departures from Lisbon;
  • Refunds: not allowed;
  • Ticket validity: only for the booked dates and flights;
  • Extension of ticket validity: not allowed;
  • Cost of travel to and from the airport, accommodation and any other expenses at the destination are not included;
  • The winners will be contacted after the end of the auction to book their flights. The journey must be booked and the ticket issued by July 16th, 2019. If the winner does not complete the reservation, the TAP Miles&Go Program will debit the miles and the winner will lose the trip;
  • The winner may assign the trip to another person as long as the request is made in writing. This transfer will only be possible during the first contact and before the ticket is issued;
  • Minimum first bid: 1 mile. Bidding intervals: 1,000 miles. Example: the first bid is 1 mile, the next bid must be at least 1,001 miles, the third 2,001 etc.;
  • In the last 2 minutes of the end of the auction, for each bid, the auction will last another 2 minutes until there are no more bids.