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This auction is closed. 18 Oct at 16:03 Miles
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Current bid Last bid 24001
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Start: 18/10/2019 15:00

Initial bid: 1 Miles

Bid interval: 2 000 Miles

Scheduled end time: 18/10/2019 16:00

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About this auction

In this auction, we will offer a Philips Male Multigroom.

Do you always like to have your beard trimmed or do you change your style often? Embrace a new look with the Philips multifunction shaver. More than shaving, you will also be able to cut your hair and shave your body. Enjoy all the combs and accessories of the machine and make use of all its functions.

Be bold, in your looks and in this auction. Good luck!

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Terms and conditions Philips

  • The offer will be sent to the address on the winner's TAP Miles&Go account;
  • Please confirm that all data is updated on your customer profile;
  • In case of change of address, we request that it be communicated within 24 hours to the email;
  • The product has a 2-year Philips warranty. For any questions please contact the after sales service at: 800 780 903;
  • Deliveries exclusively in Portugal (mainland Portugal + islands) with standard shipping;
  • Maximum delivery time of 2 weeks from the end of the campaign;
  • If the product is returned by the CTT, it will only be reserved for a maximum of 6 months after the auction date.