Terms & Conditions Miles&Go Bid

Terms & Conditions Miles&Go Bid

TAP Miles&Go miles auctions promoted by TAP AIR PORTUGAL (“TAP”) take place on the “Miles&Go Bid" platform available http://bidmiles-and-go.flytap.com.

TAP makes a number of TAP flights and products and services from TAP Miles&Go partners available to TAP Miles&Go Clients on the “Miles&Go Bid” auctions. These products and services are open to bidding at a guaranteed minimum discount.

By taking part in these auctions, participants accept and agree to be bound by these regulations.


1. Description

1.1 The auctions are made available by TAP to TAP Miles&Go Clients with enough miles to enter a bid.

1.2 Auctions are in no way associated with Facebook or its associates. Facebook does not sponsor, assess or administer the auctions.

1.3 The following are not allowed to take part in the auctions: employees of the TAP Group and/or of agencies involved in creating the project and their immediate families.

1.4 You must be a TAP Miles&Go Client to take part in the auctions.

1.5 It is expressly forbidden to assume the identity of any other person or to act illegally in the name of or on behalf of someone else.

2. Operation

2.1 In order to bid in the auctions, the participant must:

  • Be a TAP Miles&Go Client and have the required miles in their account;
  • Login to the Auction platform, providing your email or Client (TP) number and password or via social login;
  • Click on the “Auction” button in the box corresponding to the desired auction.

2.2 The same TAP Miles&Go Client (TP) number cannot be used by more than one registered participant/user.

2.3 Each user is allowed to bid more than once.

2.4 By bidding in the auction the participant agrees to comply with these regulations.

2.5 Each auction has a maximum bid and a set duration, but may or may not have a defined bid limit. The mode in which each auction will take place will be explicit on the page of each auction, when it is taking place.

2.6 If the maximum bid of miles is not achieved during the auction period, or if the auction has no bid limit, in the last 2 minutes of the auction and for each auction within that time, the timer is reset in 2 minutes of opportunity for latest bids. If no one bids on this extra time, time runs out and the auction ends.

a) In the case of auctions taking place on the same day, the start time of the next auction may be changed if the previous one is still running.

2.7 The auction winner is the person who made the predefined maximum bid (in case there is a maximum bid) or who made the highest bid within the time allowed.

2.8 Bids are made in levels of pre-defined miles. You can only make a bid if you have sufficient miles in your TAP Miles&Go account.

2.9 Each participant may bid on auctions taking place simultaneously and win them, without any constraints on participation in subsequent auctions.


3. Awards

3.1  Whenever an auction ends, the winner will be contacted by TAP using the contact information provided by the client - registration email and/or contacts made available on their TAP Miles&Go account. Different conditions may apply depending on the offer, so the Terms and Conditions of the ongoing auction prevail. Due to the current situation, we alert you to the fact that the delivery times for products and/or vouchers may be a little longer than usual.

3.2  Whenever an auction ends, the number of miles bid will be debited from the winner’s TAP Miles&Go account. No refunds are allowed.

3.3 The product and/or service won in an auction cannot be replaced or exchanged for cash or any other product and/or service. No cash alternatives.

3.4 Auction winners will be publicised on the Miles&Go Bid platform after being contacted by TAP (see 3.1)

3.5 The winner will be able to participate in the remaining ongoing auctions as well as the upcoming TAP scheduled auctions.


4. Delivery and Receipt of Awards

4.1 TAP is responsible for contacting the winners. Participants can consult the list of winners on the Miles&Go platform in the 48 hours after the auction ends.

4.2 In the case of flight auctions, the winner will be contacted to arrange the e-ticket and to receive payment of airport taxes.

4.3 After being contacted by TAP, the winner will have 72 hours to pay the airport taxes.

4.4 The e-ticket will be sent to the email address provided by the winner.

4.5 Flights and dates cannot be changed. The ticket issued will be valid only for the days/flights printed on the ticket.

4.6 The winner can take a partner on the flight for the same price and under the same conditions as the auction price (when the auction includes a flight, the same airport taxes will be charged).

4.7 The miles required for a partner will be deducted from the winner’s account. Should the winner not have enough miles to take a partner, they will be offered the opportunity to purchase the miles they need.

4.8 The partner ticket will be the same price as the price paid for the auction ticket, regardless of whether it is for an adult or a child.

4.9 Tickets with Miles can be issued in the name of a person other that the TAP Miles&Go account holder who won the auction, but only on production of the auction winner’s written authorisation and a copy of an identification document.

4.10 In the case of auctions for products and/or services provided by TAP Miles&Go partners, the mode of delivery will be defined by the respective partner.

4.11 Miles cannot be refunded once they have been deducted from the auction winner’s account. Awards cannot be accumulated with other TAP Miles&Go promotions.

4.12  Under no circumstances will TAP be responsible for:

  • loss, damage, theft, delays or any other circumstances attributable to third parties that may affect the provision or withdrawal of products and/or services offered;
  • for eventual damages or losses resulting from the attribution, acceptance, use and/or rejection of the awards won in connection with the auction;
  • for lost, delayed, invalid or corrupted participations, which will not be considered as having taken part in the auction;
  • for incomplete or failed electronic transmissions, or for technical failures of any kind including, but not limited to, the failure of any network, hardware or software, the unavailability of internet access service or of the application on which the auctions operate.


5. Reasons for disqualification

TAP reserves the right without prior warning to exclude from the auctions any participants who do not comply with these regulations.

TAP reserves the right without prior warning to exclude from the auctions those participants who:

  • assume someone else’s identity (with or without their consent);
  • provide false, inaccurate or incomplete information;
  • attempt to alter the rules and the spirit of the auctions;
  • attempt to defraud, impede, alter or disable the normal operation of the auctions;
  • attempt to manipulate or modify the app on which the auctions take place or who use computer programs, scripts or any other procedure or technique of hacking, cheating or computer fraud;
  • use the same TAP Miles&Go Client (TP) number.


6. Privacy and personal details

Participants must provide the personal details requested in order to take part in the auctions. Participants are solely responsible for providing complete and accurate information.

Participants authorise TAP to use this data to contact them and to deliver the awards to the auction winners. TAP guarantees the confidentiality and security of this data.


7. Changes to the rules

TAP reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel the auctions in the event of circumstances beyond its control, with no compensation for the participants.

TAP reserves the right to change the current regulations without warning, with the new regulations being effective upon publication.

If you have any questions you would like to resolve privately, or if you have any suggestions, please send an email to [email protected].